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Career Advice

What Does a Messy Work Desk Say About You?

What Does a Messy Work Desk Say About You?

Have you ever been criticized for having a messy desk? One of the things we usually take immediate ownership of at our jobs is our work space. Whether it’s a desk, a locker, or a cubicle, while we’re on the clock, that space is all ours. And when it comes to the work environment, a desk is usually what most people will look at first.

How to Break the Monotony of the Rat Race

How to Break the Monotony of the Rat Race

We all start out with gusto on the job, but over time the same old regimen may begin to get us down. Everyone has dealt with the dreaded “Monday” blues when it’s time to get up and get back to the grind of the day to day routine. And then, every day starts to feel like a Monday…

The Link Between Exercise and Professional Success

The Link Between Exercise and Professional Success

The Link Between Exercise and Professional Success

It’s easy for all of us to say that once we enter the professional world the afternoons at the gym are quickly forgotten. We quickly gain weight, spend more time at those happy hours with colleagues and clients, fancy dinners and parties, as well as other events that are more likely to reduce our physical fitness than improve it. And the reason being…

Are Smart Phones Good or Bad for Business?

Are Smart Phones Good Or Bad For Business?

Do the positives of smart phones out weigh the negatives?

Smart phones have become standard operating equipment in today’s business environment, but with today’s phones becoming more and more complex and convenient, do they really create a net positive in today’s workplace? A recent study by Harris Poll suggests that smart phones may actually hurt productivity in some cases. While this depends heavily on the individual, it seems as though high frequency traveling executives may get huge business benefits from smart phones. However, for your typical employee, the temptation to constantly stay connected can cause major reductions in productivity.

Stop Asking Boring Questions In An Interview

Stop Asking Boring Questions In An Interview

Strategies to impress an interviewer with insightful questions

There are literally thousands of articles on the internet providing lists of the best questions to ask in an interview. Unfortunately those questions represent some of the most boring, uninsightful and dead end questions you could possibly ask in an interview. If you’re not already aware, as a candidate sitting in the interviewee seat, asking good questions to the interviewer can be one of the most important parts of the interview. In fact, one of the most common reasons a company lists that they pass on a candidate is that they didn’t ask any good questions. Or any questions at all.

How to Get More Done Every Day

How to Get More Done Every Day, From a Navy Seal and Retired Navy Admiral

Whether you’re in an active job search or working diligently in your dream job, everyone wants to find ways to add time to their day. Sure, you can wake up early and go to bed late, but simple time stretching doesn’t necessarily make you more productive. In many cases it’s all in your head, and with many companies, studies have shown that employees work harder in 5 focused hours than in 8 hours (a typical work day). But what can you do to feel better, get more focused, and accomplish more with virtually the same effort? Look no further than Admiral William McRaven, retired commander of the United States Special Operations Command, and former Navy SEAL. At a commencement speech at Admiral McRaven’s alma mater, University of Texas, he addressed 10 things that he learned in SEAL training. One that stuck out most notably that can be applied to almost any business person, job seeker, or for that matter human being, was his inspirational way of connecting the making of one’s bed every morning to the feeling of accomplishment it brings and how that can directly translate into getting more done each and every day.

Want to Start a New Job by January?  Don't Make this Mistake!

Want to Start a New Job by January?  Don't Make this Mistake!

You may already know that according to data from the recruiting industry, January is the top month for placing candidates in new jobs. But did you know that the vast majority of those candidates began the application and interview process as early as September or October of the previous year?

It’s no secret that January is a huge month for hiring across many industries, but many candidates procrastinate their search until after the holiday season thinking that January is a good time to start. Not only is this a bad strategy, but it will put you at a significant disadvantage to candidates who started applying sooner and could already be on a second or third interview by the time you even get to your first!


Why Weakness Plagues Qualified Candidates

Why Weakness Plagues Qualified Candidates

You are a qualified, competent, and valuable professional with a lot of expertise to offer, but are you coming across as a weak candidate or a strong candidate? As a leading firm in the executive career coaching and job seeking field one of the most common challenges we hear from hundreds of clients per year is that they "aren't good at talking about themselves." These same individuals possess fantastic qualifications, and in most cases have a lot to offer, yet they feel personally that they are uncomfortable "bragging" about themselves on their resumes or in an interview. News flash - your resume and your interviews are one of the only times in life that it is socially acceptable to brag!