Top 6 Great Places To Work (Retail)

Great companies have great employees, and in order to attract and retain great employees, leading retailers have been cultivating better work environments for their people. Ensuring a happy workforce by providing better work/life balance, offering better benefits, and even providing family services to working parents makes these retailers the top 6 great places to work retail.

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Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Rochester, NY

Why We Are #1 – Wegmans cultivates one of the best family environments in all of retail, and provides fantastic flexibility and support.


Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Lakeland, FL

Why We Are #2 – Publix creates fantastic work/life balance and provides opportunities for a range of different career paths and professional levels.



Richmond, VA

Why We Are #3 – CarMax is well known for having an amazing workplace atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to have fun, enjoy what they do, and management sees to it that employees are dedicated to this workplace lifestyle.

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Sheetz, Inc.

Altoona, PA

Why We Are #4 – The Sheetz upper management team understands that the store level employees are the faces of the company and are dedicated to ensuring that the company’s front line team members know they are supported 100% by management.


Burlington Stores, Inc.

Burlington, NJ

Why We Are #5 – Burlington surprisingly operates a mega retail corporation just like a small family owned store. This is what employees truly love about the company culture, and it shows.


Cumberland Farms, Inc.

Cumberland Farms, Inc.

Why We Are #6 – Cumberland Farms employees are provided with the training and guidance to advance their careers in ways that they choose. Management encourages growth, and employees seem to enjoy the opportunities provided to them.

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