Do the positives of smart phones out weigh the negatives?


Smart phones have become standard operating equipment in today’s business environment, but with today’s phones becoming more and more complex and convenient, do they really create a net positive in today’s workplace?

A recent study by Harris Poll suggests that smart phones may actually hurt productivity in some cases. While this depends heavily on the individual, it seems as though high frequency traveling executives may get huge business benefits from smart phones. However, for your typical employee, the temptation to constantly stay connected can cause major reductions in productivity.

But even for today’s high powered business execs, while smart phones may be good for business, they can cause major problems at home and to your personal life! The constant ability to check emails, be available to customers, clients, employees and your boss can take a toll on your home life and family relationships.

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According to the Harris Poll fully 80% of employees reported that they keep their cell phone within sight throughout the work day. While this can certainly be a productivity killer in the workplace, particularly executive level workers reported a negative impact of smart phones on their home life despite any benefits gained for business purposes.

The most common negatives reported were the constant  need for checking, reading, and replying to emails, the assumption that customers and bosses would expect them to respond after hours, and the stress caused in the evenings due to business developments that traditionally would have waited until the next morning.

Let us know what your experience is, and if you think smart phones create a net positive for business when weighted against the negative impacts of both productivity during the work day, and issues created at home from 24/7 connectivity.

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